What is X-Zelit and how does it work?

How It Works.

X-Zelit® stimulates the cow’s natural hormone system

X-Zelit is effective in binding calcium in the contents of the gastro-intestinal tract. The addition of X-Zelit to the animal's diet in the 2 weeks prior to calving binds the calcium that is supplied from the feed, which reduces the quantity of available calcium. In turn, this causes hormones to adjust to a condition of low calcium availability.

The cow’s own hormone system is therefore stimulated which results in effective mobilization and absorption of calcium from its own body reserves.

This boosts the cow’s blood calcium content around calving and it strengthens the cow’s ability to utilize the body’s calcium resources. At calving X-Zelit is withdrawn from the diet and the cow now has access to dietary calcium as well as calcium from body reserves.

The result is a stable blood calcium content, which reduces the risk of milk fever and better equips the cow for future milk production and possible future calving.

The provision of X-Zelit can prevent hypocalcaemia (clinical and sub-clinical), but above all it safeguards the health of the cow by stimulating its natural systems to regulate the calcium content of the blood during calving.

New X Zelit Ca Line Graph With With Kernel

Directions for use

  • 500 g X-Zelit per cow daily the last 2 weeks before calving
  • Increased appetite if X-Zelit is mixed into the feed

  • X-Zelit can also be given as top dressing
  • Stop applying after calving



Why use X-Zelit

Calcium deficiency leads to secondary disorders

Studies have shown that hypocalcaemia is the initiator in increasing incidences of other metabolic and infectious disorders which have a huge impact on performance and profitability on dairy farms.

Hypocalcaemia reduces muscle function and immune response and as a result, this leads to a “knock-on” effect to other disorders.

 Therefore animals suffering from hypocalcaemia have a significantly increased risk of other diseases:

  • 9-fold increase in the incidence of ketosis
  • 6 times more dystocia/calving difficulties
  • 4-fold increase in the incidence of left displaced abomasum
  • 4 times more cases of retained placenta 

X-Zelit eliminates the risk factor hypocalcaemia. That is why several farmers spontaneously reported X-Zelit had a positive effect on the general state of health among newly calved cows and cows in early lactation when the product was tested under commercial farm conditions.


Problem solving  

The majority of infectious diseases such as mastitis, salmonellosis etc. are associated or increased by hypocalcaemia.

Problem Solving cattle

Published in Irish Veterinary Journal. December, 2006.