X-Zelit Testimonials

Benefits beyond milk fever...time after time.

We know that X-Zelit has benefits beyond milk fever prevention, but don't take our word for it, read what the farmers using it have to say!


Testimonials from Australia


Testimonials from Denmark


Preventing is more fun!

Hans Jørgen Fischer | Gammelgård, Christiansfeld | 350 Jersey Cows

Hans Jorgen

”Previously, 10 out of 30 recently calved cows would suffer from milk fever, and now we hardly experience that any more. Imagine all these problem cows, which I do not have to struggle with any more. The money is well spent because ultimately they yield interest to my bottom line”, Hans Jørgen Fischer states. Read the article


X-Zelit halves the problems with ketosis and placenta...

Marcel van den Hengel | Skærbæk, Denmark | 300 milking cows | 11,000 kg ECM

“No other product that we have tried is as effective as X-Zelit.

Earlier we struggled with milk fever, now we only have 1-2 cases per year. Problems with placenta and ketosis are reduced with half and the cows are having a better start-up after calving.

I have not tried to stop with X-Zelit. First because I do not dare to stop and second because I believe that we should not change anything that works”.


Saving a lot of time!

Johs WiersmaJohs. Wiersma, Vinderup | 250 milking cows

"Furthermore; we are saving a lot of time because we do not have to treat sick cows. I do not dare to stop with X-Zelit again – after we started with X-Zelit 6 months ago, we have hardly had problems with milk fever and start-up after calving, and we did have problems before!"


Testimonials from Canada 



Marsville Holsteins Ltd. | Marsville, Ontario | 90 Milking Cows

”At Marsville Holsteins Ltd. we started using X-Zelit for our ‘close up’ dry cow group 2 years ago. Before using X-Zelit we would have some cows with milk fever and cows that were slower to clean. 

Since starting with X-Zelit we have had only one or two milk fevers and the cows seem to clean quicker. Calving is easier and we have much less complications. As long as the cows eat the X-Zelit everything is fine. After calving we find that fresh cow feed intake is better and they are back in production faster and with higher production then before.

X-Zelit saves us a lot of time around the transition period and the feeding is much easier than before. With X-Zelit we can use the same haylage for the dry cows as we use for the rest of the cows. All we do is add the 500 grams of X-Zelit per head per day for the last 14-19 days before calving.Nelene Brandon

Our cost for veterinarian assistance and calcium products etc. has dropped and our mortality rate due to transition issues is way down. Together with all the other benefits this far outweighs the cost of X-Zelit."

"Today we will not be without X-Zelit, it is our insurance that calving goes well and our fresh cows are off to a great start.”



Dennis & Betty Ann Wagler, Wayne & Mary Wagler & Marcus Wagler | Claynook Farms Ltd. | Ontario, Canada | 185 Milking Cows

“In August 2013 we were introduced to X-Zelit, a product for close up dry cows, and we have not looked back since.

In the past we always had to give fresh cows a bottle of Theracalcium at calving and many times we needed more than one bottle. We also used tubes of Calcium.

Since starting with X-Zelit we have not had to use Theracalcium anymore and the last box of Calcium tubes we bought has still not been opened. 
The X-Zelit is so easy to use. We mix it in our TMR for the close up dry cow group and that is it. As soon as the cow calves we stop feeding it. We have not had any milk fever since we started, the cow calves quicker and are up and eating faster. They seem much more energetic and the whole transition period is easy.

We have had more than 140 calving since we started using X-Zelit and are very happy. It is the first time we have seen a product actually work like the sales people told us it would.
Another great benefit is the reduced amount of time spent on the transition cows, especially on weekends. We very seldom have to worry about the calving.”


Testimonials from Poland



Karol Wierciński, Chief Specialist for Animal Production at POLHOZ.

Karol Wiercinski

How to cope with parturient paresis and other symptoms of hypocalcaemia in milk herds? We asked this question to Karol Wierciński, Chief Specialist for Animal Production at POLHOZ Sp. z o.o., kujawsko-pomorskie province.

WRP: Can you describe the farm? How large is the farm and the herd? 

Karol Wierciński: We are running two dairy farms. One in Wojanowo near Pruszcz Gdański and the other in Pogorzała Wieś near Malbork. These are large farms. The one in Wojanowo has 430 cows and that in Pogorzała 390 cows. 95% are HF cows. 

WRP: How long have you been using X-Zelit? What doses?

Karol Wierciński: We started in June at the farm in Wojanowo with half a kilo per animal per one day for 14 days before calving. After trial, we started to use it at the second farm.

The preparation is sprinkled over the feedstuff and the cows are well willing to eat it; they are apparently looking out for the product granules in the feedstuff finding it tasty. And that counts! 

WRP: Does that translate economically into a net profit?

Karol Wierciński: This is not a cheap product, but I can’t afford hypocalcaemia. I’m not going to give up on X-Zelit.

WRP: What additional effects have you observed?

Karol Wierciński: I see better appetite, quicker milk increase, quicker reaching of the lactation peak and less ketosis cases in cows after calving. These are observations hard to capture in numbers, clearly down to X-Zelit and good feeding advice. 

Read the entire interview


Testimonials from UK



Stanley Farm, Sowerby, Preston | Dry Cow Diet: High Straw using X-Zelit® | 650 Milking Cows

“X-Zelit® is dead easy to use, it’s simple. Previously we had the cows on full DCAD, which meant we had to check urine pH levels every three days and monitor urine. Everything took a long time and forage changes meant we had to adjust the diet. It just wasn’t reliable, you don’t have those problems with X-Zelit. 

David Swale

With three herdsmen you need attention to detail but because it’s simple and reliable, you know that you’re not going to miss anything.  

We have been able to stop post-calving checks as a result of using X-Zelt.We haven’t had any cows down because of phosphorous or calcium, in fact to prove it, the only boxes of calcium I have are out of date.  After we first tried it we could see the effect on colostrum quality - it was like custard!”



Wharton Hall, Wharton, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria | 190 Milking Cows | Dry Cow Diet: Haylage/Straw using DC X-Zel

“Since feeding DC X-Zel, we’ve not had any milk fever cases at all.

Adam Chippendale

We used to give a lot of calcium bottles as a preventative measure but now we don’t need to use any.

We’ve also seen less retained cleansings and associated problems with it.
 DC X-Zel is easy to use, it’s palatable, the cows run up to eat it, so they like the taste of it. I would say that it’s expensive but the benefits of using it are so good.”



Whitehouse Farm, Slaley, Hexham | 120 Milking Cows | Dry Cow Diet: Grazing/Big Bale Silage & Straw using DC X-Zel

Steven Kellet

“I’ve had over 200 cows calving on DC X-Zel nuts, across two years, and never had a case of milk fever.  It had to work 100% for me, and it did, so I wouldn’t go back to not feeding DC X-Zel.  It has saved on the expense and frustration of calling in the vet and spending money on preventative treatments.  Herd management is a lot easier and I have peace of mind relying on staff to feed it, as it’s easy to administer - 1 bag per 10 cows.  It’s palatable and it’s effective.



Booth Hall, Ellel, Lancaster | 100 Milking Cows | Dry Cow Diet: Straw/Grass Silage using DC X-Zel

Neil Kidd

“Before using DC X-Zel we had a problem with milk fever, since using it we’ve not seen any signs of it. The best thing is the cows are cleaning up really well, so the vet has told us we could stop post-calving checks, all we do is PD check later on!

We test our colostrum, and have found that after using DC X-Zel it’s much better quality. The cows are fitter, healthier, they don’t lose much weight after they calve, right through to lactation. They just calve down better.”



Farm south of Augsburg, UK | Last autumn X-Zelit® was used | 20 Milking Cows

The farm of Lorenz Ellenrieder is situated in UK, south of Augsburg. In the region there is a very intense milk production with small herds.


Mrs. Ellenrieder, who is managing the herd told us:

''We have 20 milking cows, which are fixed in the stable. The annual production is 110.000 kg milk. Last autumn we used X-Zelit for those cows, which we suspected were to face problems with hypocalcaemia (milk fever and subclinical diseases).

There were no problems at all and I was very happy with X-Zelit. Using X-Zelit is very easy compared to other methods as for example pills, which have to be applied in the throat of the cow.''



Peter and Graham Bradley Farm, Cornwall, UK | 500 Milking cows


The Bradleys manage a herd of 500 Holsteins in Camelford, Cornwall. They produce an average of 9,500 litres and like many producers, they have suffered cases of milk fever in the past and have been concerned about the impact of the disease on their herd.

Dairy farmers Peter and Graham Bradley had an on-farm trial with X-Zelit for 4 months. 

Today, the Bradleys would not be without X-Zelit.